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BEFORE i get on to making a new tumblr I just wanna give a shoutout to this jackass.

heres a big fuck you to you &  your tumblr.

New tumblr :D

Anonymous asked: Everyone I know at UF, including myself, maintain a 3.8 to 4.0 GPA. Hope for the best in your application/transfer.

I swore you needed a 3.0 to be a transfer student but i just read 2.0?! ¬†And If you’re trying to tell me that my gpa is too low, then awesome. I’m really not worried about keeping my gpa up, I know I can do it. I was just screwed over the first 2 semesters at Edison (& considering I was only there for 2 years) yeah, that messed up my gpa.

If I get into UF I have the BEST way to tell everybody important to me. If I get into UCF I’ll just call my family. I really, really REALLY wanna go to UF. I will keep applying until I get the fuck in ;). But my gpa is 3.0 & I made deans list this past Spring at Edison. I should fucking get into UF. I hope!


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